Montezuma’s Well Indian Ruins

Discover Montezuma’s Well

Montezuma Well, approximately 7 miles northeast of Montezuma Castle, is one of the most unusual geological locations in the Southwest. The Well is a large natural limestone sink 470 feet in diameter. The Well is filed with water from an underground spring at an amazing 1000 gallons per minute and the water temperature stays around 76 degrees. Through its outlet flow a million and a half gallons of water per day. Because of this, Montezuma Well was used by ancient Indians for a network of prehistoric irrigation canals.

In addition to the Well there are cliff dwellings that can be seen along the trail. You can walk down to the water’s edge, passing some habitations in caves, or along the rim to find more ruin sites, or down the back side to see where the overflow water gushes out from the lake to form a creek.